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Upcomming Super Show in January 2005, We might win the Sports Product of the Year! - Jan. 10, 2005

Last December 2004, we received the letter from Sports Edge ( that we have nominated as top 30 sports products of the year. We have been submitted the our NBA Jersey Backpack for this contest.

The Super Show is the most recognized Sports Goods convention in the United States. The show is held every year and reviewed by over 30,000 buyers and retailers visit the show from all around the world.

Our company have had the booth at Super Show since 2003. we have submit NBA TransporterĀ® but we failed to remain in the semifinalist. However, this year we remained the top 30 products of the year.

NBA Jersey Backpack is the backback that use the design of the NBA teams jersey. it is designed for all children between age 8 to 13.

This backpack is revolution for the boring normal backpack. Normal backpacks is dull colors and they are all look same. they are not unique at all.

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