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I invented the game of wallyball and the playing rules of the sport in 1979 while teaching racquetball at a health club in Los Angels. California. The first rulebook was four pages long and photocopied front and back on two 8.5” x 11' sheets of yellow paper. I still have that rulebook and I'm proud to say that the same fundamental rules that I created 24 years ago are still being used today.

At present there are estimates of several million wallyball participants that play the sport worldwide. Coupled with the diversity of playing facilities like health clubs, colleges, military installations, apartment complexes and YMCA's, the sport is in desperate need of a standardized playing rules and a governing body to manage the growth for amateur league and tournament play. Hence, the formation of the Association of United Wallyball Players.

The AUWP is a non-profit association that was formed by a group of dedicated players with over 150 years of combined experience in playing social, league and tournament wallyball. This rulebook with playing guidelines is the first book ever published that was developed by a non-partisan group of players and solely focused with the enjoyment, enhancement and safety of the players.

Wallyball is exciting to watch and even more fun to play. It has survived and endured throughout the years due to a few key individuals who invested themselves for the sport's growth: Michael O'Hara, George Cassius, Rudy Morel and the AUWP's very own Rob Drake, were all very devoted pioneers with an unwavering commitment to wallyball. We are truly grateful for their contribution.

The sport has now evolved to a crossroads where world amateur championships, professional leagues, portable courts and the Olympics are now realities looming in the not too distant future. The AUWP is grateful to its sponsors and strategic partners who share in this vision: Tachikara, The Official ball and Equipment Manufacturer of the AUWP, The Original Ballbag, The United States Racquetball Association and The Court Company.

The AUWP appreciates your support and we look forward to your comments and suggestions in what we can do to improve the sport of wallyball. With the players' assistance and involvement we can achieve our Olympic dream.

Joe Garcia
Wallyball inventor
Executive Director of the AUWP

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