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The Original Ballbag™ Concept and Design

The Original Ballbag incorporates fashion and function in a new trend setting sports accessory. The idea of a carrying apparatus for your sporting equipment is an old concept. We have team equipment carriers, golf bags for golf clubs, tennis bags for tennis rackets and duffle bags used for baseball and other general sports. But what about Basketball, Football, Soccer, Water Polo and Rugby? These sports are in the majority when it comes to participation and enthusiasm. The Original Ballbag is the answer to the question that we have all asked ourselves, "e;why don't they make a bag for my sport?"e; The Original Ballbag has answered this question with a new type of ball carrier that will not only carry your ball, but will also make you look good.

Doug Rugg, President of DR Imports (parent company of The Original Ballbag), conceived the idea for this product as a natural progression from the original concept of the backpack. The Original Ballbag is a form fitted stylish carrier for your sports ball and accessories. Unlike a bulky duffle bag or backpack that is not made for sports balls, The Original Ballbag carries your sports ball comfortably out of your way allowing you the use of both your arms. The Original Ballbag also incorporates a mechanism, which allows you to attach several Ballbags together for the added convenience of carrying multiple balls securely without any distraction. The Original Ballbag is perfect for the weekend sports enthusiast, the sports Mom and Dad and the hardcore athlete that wants to complement their game with a stylish practical sport accessory. The Original Ballbag is made of the highest quality materials for long lasting durable performance. Each Ballbag is checked through our stringent quality control process and each Ballbag comes with our quality assurance guarantee. Custom Ballbags can be imprinted with your team's logo or your individual name. We have several styles that will fit your image, look and attitude.